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New Patient Reviews:

Whole Family Care

I started visiting Dr. Mike when I was pregnant. He made my pregnancy much more comfortable. He helped me sleep better, reduced my acid reflux, and overall feel better. I’ve continued to visit him as my body adjusts postpartum. I have to bring the kids with me to my appointments and no one seems to mind, they seem to enjoy the chaos my kids bring to the office. My husband has seen how much Dr. Mike has helped me and started visiting him too. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Wait times are minimal. I highly recommend Quantum Chiropractic.

-Carley C.

The Best Care Possible

I am very confident that I’m in the best care possible. And hopeful that I will experience improved health and wellness with your help. I have watched my sister get better by seeing Dr. Svennson regularly. So I was excited to start going to Quantum as well! The care I have received so far is unlike any I have received anywhere else. So glad that this kind of alternative chiropractic care is available in our area!

-Theresa H.