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Sartell Chiropractor : Dr. Michael Svensson

I (foolishly) didn’t even consider chiropractic care, And I thought I would have to live with it……. But I was so wrong.

Let me tell you my Chiropractic story. After reading my story you will better understand my passion for my profession.

Michael Svensson, Sartell Chiropractor

Michael Svensson, Sartell Chiropractor

I Grew Up in a Medically Oriented Family

I grew up in a medically oriented family (my mother was a hospital administrator and E.R nurse) and was taught that Chiropractors were not “real” doctors. After a sports injury, it wasn’t pain that made me seek help; it was a loss of function. I experienced a gradual loss of strength and feeling in my left arm, visual problems and sleep disturbance. I was told by several friends to go to a Chiropractor, but I thought they were crazy. I had already seen Medical doctors for my problems and they told me nothing was wrong, other than stress (but I got a prescription anyway). I had stress alright, from the lack of answers to my questions. Then one day my problem became almost too much for me to bear, I was physically and emotionally exhausted. I went home and while taking a shower, I passed out, fell through the shower curtain and came to lying on the bathroom floor. I was now ready to give Chiropractic a chance.

My First Visit to a Chiropractor

My first visit to the Chiropractor gave me hope because the doctor explained why a thing called a Subluxation could be a key component of my problems. He did many tests to help detect Subluxation, but one simple test told me more than one M.D., two specialists and a physical therapist could not. The Chiropractor gently lifted my head and I had life and feeling return to my arm for the first time in two years. When he let my head back down the nerve flow stopped. It took time and trust in the doctor, but my strength and feeling did return. Not only that but my visual problems and sleep disturbance cleared up, along with headaches I didn’t know I had until they were gone. I was so overwhelmed by my improvement that I quit my job and began my quest to be the kind of doctor that can save and change people’s lives.

Chiropractic Education

I graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in 1991. I have practiced in Highpoint, North Carolina, Plymouth, Minnesota, Pipestone, Minnesota and Sartell, Minnesota. While in Sartell I taught Neurology and Structural Analysis At Sister Rosalind Gefre’s School in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota. In addition to my required annual continuing education I have sought out the most cutting edge Chiropractic techniques and use them with great success on a daily basis.

Away From Quantum Chiropractic

My wife, myself and our two children enjoy the outdoors, swimming, skiing, hiking, fishing and travel. We are very avid readers and like to challenge ourselves both physically and mentally. My leisure time outside of the family activities listed above include hunting, dog training, exercise and playing the mandolin in a band formed by a group of friends.

I go to the Chiropractor approximately every 2 weeks and I check my family for subluxations every week. This is the cornerstone of our health care plan. It is a wellness plan that is proactive not reactive like traditional medicine. I am not against medicine but I know that chemicals are overused in general. I will use antibiotics when a BACTERIAL infection is present. Viral problems are addressed naturally. Many of the mild conditions that people medicate can be handled with Chiropractic care, nutritional changes, proper hydration and rest.

My children have not been vaccinated. My wife and I made this decision based on the research available, statistics and our family history. I don’t push my patient toward this decision, I’d rather give them resources to help them make a more informed choice. I believe that many of the childhood illnesses help with the person’s adult immune system.

I try to exercise 4 times per week, both cardio and resistance training. Stretching is a daily task which allows me to perform and move well at work and while trying to keep up with my family.

As for food, I’d like to say that we eat all an organic Paleolithic type diet but we don’t. We try to make more good choices than bad, incorporate organic on an increasing basis and remove from our diets most chemical laden foods. (high fructose corn syrup, MSG, aspartame and dyes).

Thanks for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you. I’m inviting you and your family to get your spine and nervous system checked out and screened for Subluxation as soon as possible. I have the technology to actually show you how well your nervous system is working and the experience to help you with achieving a life of wellness. Please call me at 320-202-5991 to schedule an appointment or just for more information.